Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Korea, Jet Lagged.

You may be asking yourself why it has taken so long for a post to appear. Sohee and I are experiencing some of the worst jet lag ever. Jet lag is challenging, but with a baby, it is at level: "Professionals only. Do not attempt.". Basically, whenever we think we have gotten on track, we have a baby that is up and ready to play at 3am. We are sort of on schedule now... less naps during the day and waking up at 5-6am instead of 3am. So, let's start this off from the beginning:

We fly out at 5am from Regina. We stumble onto 3 planes, then get blasted across the Pacific ocean at sound crushing speeds. Hannah did pretty good on the flights, but it's just really hard for the parents to relax when taking care of little ones. But some moments are perfect. If you don't find this next picture adorable, there is something seriously wrong with you:
Through the magic of blog, we are now in Korea after 2 layovers, and 14 hours of flight time.
What's up Korea?!?!

After customs and all that fun stuff, we find out that our Korean bank card doesn't work. Moreso, I can't remember the pin#. Because it's a Friday afternoon, the bank can't resolve this until Monday... so stuck without money, we find out that Visa is accepted everywhere these days. Boom. Catch the bus, and another hour and a half, we are finally in the city. We meet our friends, Mihee and Leon, who will be letting us stay with them.

The next few days are a blur. We left on a Thursday and arrived on a Friday. Our sleep schedule is messed to the nth degree. I have no idea what day of the week it is anymore. I'm also culture shocked once again. I have to start getting used to the big crowds of people, the traffic, the concrete jungle of high rise buildings, and the air pollution. But it's not all like that. There are a ton of parks and beautiful nature stuff right in the big city. In our zombie state (we likely woke up at 3pm this day) we took a walk in the park. This park is pretty big, and it has a bridge over the highway. There are also a ton of gym machines a long the way to stop and work out. But not today. Just going to enjoy the flowers n' stuff with my wife.

During one of our night zombie states, we went to the night market (Dongdaemun, I think). This market has a ton of knockoff (illegal) brand name clothing and handbags. Basically everything you can think of. We still have no cash at this point, so we were just scoping the area, as it has a lot of crazy buildings with pretty lights.
I stopped to enjoy the food. I'm eating a Korean pancake here.
I'm gonna keep this post short as we have another long day ahead of us. I'll have lots of stories and pictures of our adventures, so stay tuned for more.


Sunny Brar said...

keep em coming I mean the updates not pictures of you making weird faces and eating...kinda disturbing ha ha

jaret said...

You need to attack eat a pancake or it will kill you first, Mr. Brar. New post is up if you wish to read.