Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cell Phone

So we got a cell phone now. If you want to call us, our number is +82-10-7219-1800. Kinda long, but whateves. Sohee is going to be here for 4 months so she picked up a pay as you go cell phone for $150. It was the cheapest one we could get, but it was still pretty advanced. It has an mp3 player, 1.5 mega pixal camera, video capabilities, games, Bluetooth, GPS functions, Korean/English Dictionary... list goes on. It's pretty dope and it was the cheapest phone out there. When Sohee leaves, she'll give this phone to her mom.

You might be wondering what that blue tag is. It is my bus/subway pass. It uses a magnetic ID reader and you can put more money on it at any convenience store. They have these magnetic cards in their bank/credit cards as well. Oh, and some are even built right inside the phone itself.
Slidey Slidey.


Anonymous said...

Flippin sweet.
I wanta bus pass like that, not like i take the bus or anything like that lol.

This is fkin Cameron

Jess said...

hey guys!! great pics!! glad to hear that your epic flight went fine and that you're recovering from jetlag.

happy travels.