Friday, May 23, 2008

Seonyudo Park & Korean BBQ

Hey all. Yesterday, Sohee and I went to Seonyudo park. This park is actually an island in the middle of the Han river. It was actually really cool. In a city surrounded by chaos, it's cool to see a park like this. Here is a photo of me on the island with the city in the background. This is just before entering the actual park area.As soon as you enter, it has a counter indicating how many people are in the park. It was cool until I figured out it wasn't that accurate. There is this metal platform that when you step on it, the LED counter goes up. Well, unless you enter in the wrong way, or if you step on it twice... It was pretty much just a guesstimate. I didn't take pictures of that, because I'm stupid and I forgot. Anyways... Once you get in, there's lots of grass (rare in Korea), rocks, trees, flowers, waterfalls:, museum exhibits, a small pirate ship (yeah, I'm not kidding), cherry blossoms, and a small bamboo forest. Here is 2 pictures of us in the bamboo forest...

Can someone with photoshop skills please edit these so we are both in the picture? I'll get you a neato present from Japan, Korea or Thailand. :)

So anyways, after walking around for a bit, we stopped at a soda pop machine for a drink. Sohee got iced tea, and I got... well, a can of sweat. haha... I don't think this drink will take off in Canada:
Actually, Pocari Sweat is a popular drink here. It's non-carbonated and kinda tastes all citrus-like. Not like sweat at all. Here is me tasting sweat for the first time:

While I have this photo up. I might point out that the view was awesome from here. I got a little view of this:

Sohee looks unhappy, but she was doing her nails so she wasn't really paying attention to my weird antics.

So, anyways. After that, we walked around some more and came to the pedestrian bridge. This bridge is super dope and apparently it lights up at night. It has this curve to it so the big boats can pass underneath it:Exiting the park, it had this rad layout of water and stone path. It also had this island thing in which I had to make a risky jump to get to:

After that daring attempt. I had to have a moment of zen.

So, then we left. In the evening we decided to go out for Korean BBQ. There are millions of these places all around Seoul. It's basically a normal restaurant with a grill in the middle of all the tables. There are a ton of side dishes that you get for free. It's rad.

You basically take the grilled pork, dip it in the red sauce or beige sauce, add a side dish like (rice, kimchi, etc), and then put it on a piece of red leaf lettuce or thin sliced radish (the radish is different here. It's actually a little sweet, and a lot bigger in circumference (that's what she said). It's the white thing in the top right of the photo above.). Anyways, after you put all yer fixins in there, it should look like this:

Then you roll it up, and shove the whole thing in your mouth. Like this:

Freaking Fantastica~~~! It is seriously amazingly good. With this, we also got Soybean Tofu soup. This is common to have because the grilled charcoal stuff causes cancer and the soup is supposed to be an antioxidant or something. They always try and stay healthy.

The green bottle pictured above is Soju. The famous Korean liquor. For those who don't know, it is fermented sweet potato, and is the most popular drink here in Korea. It is about 20% alcohol, and is the reason a lot of people here stumble around the streets. You can get a bottle of that in Regina, but it costs about 14 dollars and you can only get it at the plains (of all places!). We had two of those bottles and it's the reason why I have a headache today... lol! Anyways, with everything together, this meal only cost 22 bucks all together. You don't have to tip here, which is awesome. We went to a Korean BBQ restaurant in Calgary last year, and this same meal cost $60! It's a steal here, though. :D

Anyways. That's it for now. Peace and take care.


Anonymous said...

lol cam and i are gonna beat you up for looking like a thug in a bamboo jungle! nice "thats what she said" btw. we've been lacking in those lately. if i have some spare time i'll try to whip up something in photoshop :D

Anonymous said...

that was jordan and cam who sent that last anonymous msg btw....

Gdog said...

Hey great start to your blog! Thanks for visiting mine and it seems like things are going well for you in your life! Enjoy Korea!