Monday, May 26, 2008

Downtown Seoul and Cheonggyecheon at night

Yesterday, we explored downtown and Cheonggyecheon. Seoul is absolutely gorgeous at night. The pictures below will prove it.

There are actually about 5 different "downtowns", but this one is in the middle of Seoul. Before going out and exploring, we stopped for a couple of beers at Wa bar. This bar is super nice and has beer with ice in the middle of a few tables:
The first beer I chose was "Hite". The 2 big domestic beers here in Hite and Cass. Cass is probably the most popular and it tastes really good. I wanted Hite because I haven't had it since I've been here. You can get Hite in Vancouver, but I haven't seen it anywhere on the prairies.

They also had this area where you have your own little acrylic neon tall box thing to put all your beer caps in. Then, everytime you drink there, you put your bottle caps in. They sorta have that back home too, but this is set up all pretty and whatnot:

Then explored around the streets for a bit. They were packed. It was Sunday, and Sunday is usually the busiest because it's the only day off for people. (They don't get Saturdays off). The whole place is lit up with neon signs. There are bars, kararoke rooms, pc rooms, pool (the game) rooms, and a whole lot of street vendors.

Sohee stopped for a bite to eat at this vendor. Chicken on a stick. It was sweet and spicy. Yum.

We then headed over to Cheonggyecheon. Essentially, this is a small canal that ran through the middle of the city. It previously ran underneath the streets, until one politician thought it would be a good idea to expose it to beautify the downtown. So, the street is cut in half and the canal runs through the middle. It's pretty cool. I honestly have so many great photos of this place, it's really hard to pick just a few.
So, walking through, there are trees, shrubs, stone paths, stone bridges to get across, small lit tunnels, waterfalls, etc. It's simply gorgeous and something you have to experience.

Waterfalls along the pathway...The main waterfalls ...


Lights along the pathway...

Fountain thingy's...

I know there's a lot of pictures here, and that's because I can't upload anymore pictures to flickr right now. I reached my limit there for this month already! haha.

So then we decided to go home. Before hitting up the subway, we stopped at the Samsung Building. This is Samsung's main headquarters. It's really big but not actually super big compared to some of the other buildings, but what makes it more amazing is this glass "floating" platform at the top (the lit up area). There is a restaurant up there, but Sohee says it costs about 100 dollars a person... yah, we won't be eating there. The picture's a little blurry. I needed a tripod.

I also took a little video of it. The quality is not the greatest because it's a digital camera video.

Here is a daytime shot from a week ago:

Anyways... That's it for now. Take care!


Sunny said...

good times good times.... by the looks of it you guys are having a good time...keep the posts and the pictures coming..


Anonymous said...

Man awesome night pics.

The beer looked good, awesome even lol

So the trip is looking dope hope you guys have are having a killer time!!

Bastard the faxes are starting to drown us get back here and do some faxes!!

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